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Larger extensions without the cumbersome red tape

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

In May 2013, permitted development rights were extended so that homeowners had the capability to extend their home, without the need for lengthy planning permission processes. This has now become a permanent move following parliamentary discussion.

Back in 2013, permitted development limits were temporarily increased for 3 years. The limits for single-storey domestic extensions were increased from 4m to 8m for detached houses and from 3m to 6m for all other houses. So providing that houses weren't in protected areas, they could be easily expanded.

This movement was then further extended to may 2019, before being made permanent in the same month. However, the process now involves a neighbour consultation scheme in response to concerns over the original proposal.

Housing Minister, Kat Malthouse MP, said the following: "These measures will help families extend their properties without battling through time consuming red tape. By making this permitted development right permanent, it will mean families can grow without being forced to move.

"This is part of a package of reforms to build more, better, faster, and make the housing market work - and sirs alongside our drive to deliver 300,000 homes a year by the mid 2020's"

However, there are still UK residents who will have more restricted permitted development rights. Such areas include:

- A Conservation Area

- A National Park

- An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

- A World Heritage Site

- The Norfolk or Sulfolk Broads

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